15 Minor Fixes For Selling Your House

Looking to sell your house? Here’s a list of 15 low-cost improvements that will have all your viewers swooning!

1.)    Pay attention to landscaping. Good curb appeal can go a long way to lure in potential buyers.

2.)    Have a beautiful porch? Make sure it’s well kept. Eliminate all the unnecessary objects that don’t add value.

3.)    Mow the lawn.

4.)    Touch up old paint. You want both the inside and outside of the house to look clean and kept up.

5.)    Thoroughly wash down all windows and doors.

6.)    Clean the countertops in the kitchen and bathroom.

7.)    Make all the beds. This should be obvious.

8.)    Vacuum and mop all of the floors.

9.)    Going back to paint…stick with a neutral color. It makes it easier for potential buyers to imagine themselves in the space and it gives them one less thing to complain about when viewing the property. (If you’ve seen even one episode of House Hunters, you know what I’m talking about.)

10.)    Add a pop of color with accessories. Just because your house is all neutral doesn’t mean it needs to look boring or sterile. Add color by throwing colorful and patterned accessories into the mix such as throws, decorative pillows and art.

11.)    Good lighting is so important!!! Make sure there’s plenty of lighting in the house. A lack of lighting can make the house look less inviting and a bit dirty.

12.)   Turn on all of the lights and open the windows. It helps to have the house as bright as it can be and have fresh air flowing through when you have people viewing the property.

13.)   Set your dining table. Doing this allows the people viewing the home to imagine themselves living there and sharing meals with their family or entertaining their friends. The table should be nicely set with simple dishware, some fresh flowers and at least seating for four.

14.)   Use a light fragrance like lemon or vanilla. Nothing overpowering. Even just lighting one candle or buying fresh flowers to display will do the trick.

15.)   Lastly, home stagers can do a lot to help your home sell. If you have money in the budget, it’s a good thing to consider. Their job is to make your home look as appealing as possible to potentials buyers. They will set the home so that others can imagine their lives in the space and make an emotional connection.