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Millennials and Home Ownership

Millennials are now getting to the point where they’re settling down and considering big-ticket purchases, the main one being a home. According to Bloomberg Business, by about 2020, they will represent the majority of the workforce with an annual spending of $400 billion, and even though they seem to still value the idea of home ownership, don’t go ahead and assume they will go about it the same way their parents did.

This generation grew up right in the middle of the perfect storm that was the Great Recession. Because of this, they seem to be more careful with their spending decisions, especially incredibly large ones. With a somewhat cautious mindset as a result of stagnant wages, rampant unemployment and lingering memories of the housing crisis, Millennials seem to be opting for rentals over home ownership at the moment.

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15 Minor Fixes For Selling Your House

Looking to sell your house? Here’s a list of 15 low-cost improvements that will have all your viewers swooning!

1.)    Pay attention to landscaping. Good curb appeal can go a long way to lure in potential buyers.

2.)    Have a beautiful porch? Make sure it’s well kept. Eliminate all the unnecessary objects that don’t add value.

3.)    Mow the lawn.

4.)    Touch up old paint. You want both the inside and outside of the house to look clean and kept up.

5.)    Thoroughly wash down all windows and doors.

6.)    Clean the countertops in the kitchen and bathroom.

7.)    Make all the beds. This should be obvious.

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10 Tips to Help You Save on Energy Bills

Incorporating more energy efficient practices and products into your home, as well as energy comparison to find a better deal can dramatically help reduce your energy bills, benefiting both your wallet and the environment. As well as the tips in the list below, you could also look into using a website like Simply Switch, who can compare the best energy providers for you, help you find the best deals for you and save money on your energy bills. Here are other ways to get started!

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