Mortgage Do’s And Dont’s




Obtaining a mortgage can sometimes be a long and complicated financial process. Here are some pointers of do’s and don’ts to make obtaining financing as smooth as possible.


  1. Provide all documentation requested.
  2. Have originals and access to pay-stubs and bank statements.
  3. Notify the loan originator if you plan to receive gift funds before closing.
  4. Stay employed.
  5. Make timely payments on all debts.
  6. Continue using your same insurance companies.
  7. Keep credit card balances below 40% of the credit limit.



  1. Alter any documentation.
  2. Lie or leave anything out on your loan application.
  3. Change jobs or employers.
  4. Open new credit cards.
  5. Increase debt with large purchases such as cars, furniture or trips.
  6. Take on more student loans.
  7. Get a cash advance from credit cards.
  8. Change your legal name.
  9. Deposit cash or non-traceable funds.
  10. Close credit card accounts.